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Nordic Pure 1 Inch Air Filters NP20251M8-6

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Nordic Pure One Inch MERV 8 Replacement Filters 20 x 25 x 1

NP20251M8-6 Overview

Nordic Pure has been manufacturing air filters since the 1960's. MERV 8 air filters are a good upgrade from the standard disosable filter supplied by heating and cooling equipment manufacturers. MERV 8 air conditioner and furnace filters capture 70-85% of airborne particles 3.0 - 10.0 microns in size. Particles representing this size range from household dust, hair spray, mold spores, dust mites, pollen, and carpet fibers.

These air filters have a nominal size that is in whole inches. The actual size is a fraction smaller. The nominal 1 inch thickness is actually 3/4 inch.

Nominal Size in Inches - 20 x 25 x 1

Actual Size in Inches - 19-1/2 x 24-1/2 x 3/4

Part # NP20251M8-6

UPC # 816387011290 (6 Pack)

These Filters Are Sold In Cases of 6 Filters. Price is for a case of 6 filters.

  • Model: NP20251M8-6

Fits the following models

2TEC3F55B1000, 4TEC3F55B1000, 4TEE3C05A1000, 4TEE3C07A1000, 4TEE3C09A1000, 4TEE3C10A1000, 4TEE3F40B1000, 4TEE3F49C1000, 4TEE3F65B1000, 4TEE3F66A1000, 2TEE3F62A1000, 4TEE3F62B1000, TWE048P130B, TWE048P13FB, TWE060P130B, TWE060P13FB, TWE063P130B, TWE063P13FB, TWE040E13FB, TWE049E13FB, TWE065E13FB, TWE062E13FB, 2TEE3C40A1000, 2TEE3C49A1000, 2TEE3C65A1000, 4TEE3D05B1000, 4TEE3D07B1000, 4TEE3D09B1000, 4TEE3D10B1000, 2TEE3D40A1000, 2TEE3D49A1000, 2TEE3D65A1000, 4TEE3D40A1000, 4TEE3D49A1000, 4TEE3D65A1000, 2TEE3F40A1000, 2TEE3F49A1000, 2TEE3F65A1000, CBX32MV068, CBWMV36C-090, CBWMV60C-100, CBWMV60C-120, CBX40UHV042, CBX40UHV048, CBX40UHV060, SM613607, SM613610, SM613707

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