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6 Pack of MERV 6 Replacement Blue Media Pads 20 x 22 x 1

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Price Each: $37.74

Replacement Blue/White Air Filter Media Pads 20 x 22 x 1 MERV 6

Replacement pads for 3/4" and 7/8" metal filter frames.  Filter media is poly fiber material.  Media is white color on entry side, and blue on exit side. Package consists of (6) pre-cut pads.

Fits the following frame size:

Nominal Size = 20 x 22 x 1

Actual Size = 19 3/4 x 21 3/4 x 3/4



Please be certain of the size you order, as pads are cut to order and cannot be returned.  If in doubt, select a larger size.  You can always trim them if necessary.  Measure your existing frame to be certain of the size needed.

Model No - BM20221

  • Model: BM20221

Fits the following models

2TEC3F60B1000, 4TEC3F60B1000, 4TEE3C08A1000, 4TEE3F64A1000, 2TEH3F60B1000, 4TEH3F60B1000, 2TGB3F48A1000, 4TGB3F48A1000, GAM5A0C42M31SA, GAM5A0C48M41SA, GAM5A0C60M51SA, GAT2A0C48S41SA, GAT2A0C60S51SA, TAM7A0C36H31SA, TAM7A0C42H31SA, TAM7A0C48H41SA, TAM7A0C60H51SA, TAM8A0C36V31CA, TAM8A0C42V31CA, TAM8A0C48V41CA, TAM8A0C60V51CA, TAM4A0C48S41SA, TAM4A0C60S51SA, TWG060A150B, TWE060D150B, TWE060C15FD, 4TEE3D08B1000, 2TEE3F64A1000, CB28UH048, CB28UH060, CB29M51, CB29M65, CB30M414P, CB30M464P, CB30U41, CB30U46, CB31MV41, CBX32MV036, CBX32M036, CBX32M042, AE48DX21, AE60DX21, AHE42D3X21, AHE48D3X21, AHE60D3X21, AHR48D3XH21, AHR60D3XH21, AHV42D3XH21, AHV48D3XH21, AHV60D3XH21, AP48DX21, AP60DX21, AVC48DX21, AVC60DX21

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